It is said that Australians have a love affair with air conditioning and why not? When the temperatures soar or plummet it is so quick and convenient to switch on the air conditioner and get relief. In addition to comfort, air conditioners actually filter the dust out of the air so those with allergy or asthma problems find that their lives tend to become a little easier to bear.
The only thing you have to remember is to clean and service that air conditioner regularly to ensure it keeps on working at its best for many years. Air conditioning cleaning is easy enough with filters that slip out easily and can be dusted off or washed, depending on the type of air conditioner you have. You need to read your users manual to ensure you dont attempt to take anything apart that only a licensed professional should touch.
Air conditioning servicing should be done regularly – probably on a yearly basis, especially if your air conditioner is a reverse cycle one. Reverse cycle air conditioners work twice as hard as others since they provide both cooling and heating.
In between seasons, an air conditioning technician will be able to come to your premises and check out the air conditioner to ensure it is good condition. Dont leave this task until you need the air conditioner because if repairs are required you will be without it for a few days or a week if parts have to be ordered. It might need re-gassing if you feel that it is not as cold or hot as it used to be. All air conditioner repairs should be done by the technician apart from those mentioned in your manual.
These will include simpler tasks such as changing the filters, cleaning the fan and vents and ensuring all rubbish is removed from around the outside unit. You should also check that any vents or holes outdoors have not been filled in by mud wasps or other insects.

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