Administration Releases Half A Billion In Emergency Heating Funds

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The Department of Health and Human Services is releasing the $454 million in funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program to the states. Home energy prices, most notably for propane, have spiked in recent weeks, reaching record levels as frigid weather blanketed much of the country. National snow depth as of 7 a.m., Jan. 31: Source: Intellicast The average price of a gallon of residential propane for the week ending Jan. 20 hit $2.96, according to the Energy Information Administration, up 60 cents from mid-October, the highest price ever recorded by the agency. Prices in the Midwest are even higher; on Friday, prices ended at $4.30 a gallon in the Midwest, down from a peak of about $5 a gallon. Propane inventory in the Midwest stands at about two-thirds of its five-year average, and is 40 percent lower than this time last year. At the same time, cold temperatures have consumers using more propane than ever. To deal with the shortage, governors in many states have lifted limits on the number of hours commercial drivers transporting propane can travel. Drivers shipping propane across 24 states can stay on the road beyond the number of hours usually allowed, under emergency orders issued this month. Under ordinary circumstances, drivers must take mandatory rest breaks after 11 hours behind the wheel. Many of the emergency measures allow drivers to stay on the road for as long as 14 hours before taking a break. In a letter to state agencies, Jeannie Chaffin, the director of HHSs Office of Community Services, said the additional money comes after many states contacted the department to warn them of the strain the cold weather was placing on LIHEAP budgets. Additional LIHEAP funding by state States in the upper Midwest and the Northeast will receive the bulk of the funding. New York will get an additional $50 million, while Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania will each receive more than $20 million in new funds. Every state in the Union except Hawaii will receive at least seven figures in new funding; Hawaii stands to gain an additional $680,874 in LIHEAP funding, HHS said. In November, HHS allocated more than $2.9 billion for LIHEAP programs, anticipating that money would be budgeted by Congress. But the cold weather made additional funds necessary. Reid Wilson covers state politics and policy for the Washington Post’s GovBeat blog. He’s a former editor in chief of The Hotline, the premier tip sheet on campaigns and elections, and he’s a complete political junkie. Reid is a Seattle native and a graduate of The George Washington University. He lives on Capitol Hill with his wife, Veronica. Get GovBeat in your inbox! Sign up here for our twice-weekly newsletters.

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Winters Home Services Announces New Annual Savings Coupons For Plumbing, Heating And Air Conditioning

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Boston, MA (PRWEB) January 28, 2014 Cambridge plumbing, heating and air conditioning experts at Winters Home Services are proud to announce 10 new coupons for 2014 on for their most popular services. To get your coupons today visit the specials page on the website. Winters Home Services have been in business since 1996. The goal of the owner, Tim Flynn, is to provide service to his customers the way he would like to receive it, “we show up on time, fix it right the first time and fix it today. We provide a lifetime warranty on many services and we provide competent, friendly technicians, says Tim. We took a long look at the most common types of jobs people call Winters Home Services for and created some really good offers to help people save money says Tim Flynn, Owner of Winters Home Services One of the most common calls Winters gets is from people who need a new heating and/or air conditioning system. When the house isnt the right temperature people get uncomfortable and frustrated. We are now offering $250 off on a complete heating and air conditioning system, says Tim. The benefits of a new heating and air conditioning system go far beyond just providing a comfortable temperature; it can also increase your home value and reduce your monthly energy bills. The technicians at Winters Home Services will help you understand how the efficiencies are measured to install the right size system for your home and how the right system will create monthly energy savings. They can also help consumers better understand how a new system will provide better air quality within the home. Another common call Winters receives are people concerned about the quality of their drinking water. Some people only drink bottled water this adds unneeded waste to the environment and additional expense to the monthly budget. Winters Home Services now offers a coupon for $149 off a complete water filtration system. Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems provide clean drinking water for people and pets. Unlike carbon based filters, RO systems actually remove impurities instead of just reducing them. To learn more about Boston plumbing , heating and air conditioning by Winters Home Services please visit their website . To schedule services please call (617) 209-2994. For the original version on PRWeb visit: Comment on this Post

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Bob’s Cooling & Heating Contractor Advocates Routine System Maintenance In San Antonio

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Save San Antonio, TX — ( SBWIRE ) — 12/10/2013 — More often than not, home owners and entrepreneurs tend to take for granted the importance of having their equipment and systems at home checked and inspected for possible problems. Until an emergency occurs, many seemingly bask in the comfort that their home systems provide. For Bob’s Cooling & Heating, a leading contractor in San Antonio, Texas, there is a need to give all equipment due attention – not only when something goes awry. To get rid of pricey emergency service calls, it is a must to find an HVAC specialist to do the routine checking and maintenance work that is trustworthy, skilled and highly dependable. Since 1979, Bob’s Cooling & Heating has been specializing in air conditioning and heating system installations and replacements. The team of HVAC experts stands out from the competition, as it does not settle with providing substandard services. “We care and are very courteous about your home and your system. You can check our website to verify that we are drug free, clean up after ourselves and remove all trash. We make sure your family is safe, healthy and comfortable with your new system,” says Bob Hernandez, owner of Bob’s Cooling & Heating. Bob’s Cooling & Heating offers fast and reasonable prices for installations, maintenance and repairs of air conditioning systems. The team presents customers with a variety of options for maximizing the system’s efficiency while ensuring energy is conserved. The company also offers quality heating system installation quickly and makes sure it has correct specification and size with the correct efficiency. As proof of its commitment to quality, Bob’s Cooling & Heating offers guarantees on maintenance services, as well as on parts replaced. Furthermore, the company offers discounts when a client signs up for maintenance agreements. The industry specialists collaborate with companies that make different brands of air conditioning and heating systems. To find out more about Bob’s Cooling & Heating team serving San Antonio, TX, please visit or contact (210) 924-4725 for information. Bob’s Cooling & Heating

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