HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system works on the principle of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer. The system is a basic requirement in every hold to maintain the temperature inside the room at comfortable level.

Several families spend amount of money on Hvac repair mainly due to improper maintenance of the systems. Improper maintenance leads to malfunctioning of the system. This in turn would not only lead to higher repair costs but also increase your energy bills. If you have problems with your Hvac system it is important that you immediately contact a Furance contractor to system repaired to avoid paying high energy bills.

Typically, most air conditioning repair companies have a flat rate for their repair services. It is important that you have sufficient knowledge about the heat and air-conditioning system repair charges so as to avoid being cheated by the furnace repair service provider. The repair cost of Hvac system is discussed below:

  1. Capacitors and Switches:

If there is problem with capacitor or the switch of your air condition system the furnace repair service provider may suggest you replace the defective part if the problem is irreparable. The replacement would cost you about $49 to $150. The cost would depend on the easy availability of the spare part that suits the model and the maker of the Omaha heating and air conditioning system.

  1. Fan Motor:

The fan motor is the most important component of a Hvac system and fixing the problem is a laborious task consequently repairing the motor would cost you more.

Repair quotation collected from several HVAC systems repair services providers in Omaha area suggest that the cost of repairing Fan Motor ranges from $290 to $500. While some HVAC repair company charge on hourly basis, few others other have a fixed charge for their services. If any part of the motors needs to be replaced than you have to bear the additional cost. Usually, the furnace repair service providers charge more during the summer. 

  1. Cleaning Pumps and Drain Line:

Blockage of the drain lines and the pumps is one of the most common problems of heating and air conditioning systems. This is a minor problem and cleaning the pipes is a minor repair service. It would cost you about $70 to $130. It is important to clean the pumps at least once in a year to prevent clogs.

  1. Compressor damage:

Compressor problem is a major problem both for the ventilating system and for your pockets. Repairing the compressor problem would cost you anywhere from $800 to $1200 depending on how serious the problem is. Compressors problems in Heating and air conditioning system that are more than 10 years old usually require complete replacement of the system. Several HVAC repair contractors suggest it would be costlier to repair the damaged to repair the compressor in old system than to buy a new system. Additionally, old Hvac systems can cause health and environmental hazards, while the new systems built with advanced technology are more energy efficient.

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