Why Home Geothermal Systems Might Soon Be More Affordable For U.s. Homeowners

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Graphic courtesy Bosch TT And when an energy efficient technology is new or more expensive, regardless of the benefits, it becomes a novelty of sorts for those with an adventurous spirit and plenty of money, leaving the rest of us paying our higher energy bills. (See related post: 10 Myths About Geothermal Heating and Cooling.) The US now has a corp of skilled geo-exchange engineers and tradesmen, thanks in part to the stimulus act of 2009, and homeowners now have more access to information about designing an energy-efficient home. Still, even with an impressive 30 percent tax credit implemented at the federal level, U.S. homeowners need to pay the up-front cost and find a trustworthy contractor to install a geothermal HVAC system. Meanwhile, our neighbors to the north report that nearly 40 percent of heating systems replaced are going geothermal, according the Canadian GeoExchange Organization ; and Canada does not have a national incentive program like we do in the U.S. Wondering why? Perhaps it could be in part because of services such as GeoTility that take on the burden of installing the underground loop or well system (which can serve an entire neighborhood), charging a one-time connection fee and then a predetermined monthly charge, significantly reducing first costs for both new homebuyers and those choosing to upgrade to geothermal heating and cooling. Graphic courtesy Bosch TT Geothermal utility services like GeoTility have had limited availability in the U.S., but are now entering the picture for more of us because of new arrangements such as a recent agreement between Bosch ThermoTechnology and Orca Energy (a sister company to Canada-based GeoTility). In its announcement, Bosch said the agreement solves one of the most persistent challenges facing the geothermal industry: how to overcomebuilder and homeowner resistance to theinitial capital cost barrier of installing the ground heat exchanger [or well]. Most of us would prefer to pay a monthly fee for an item that could be classified as utility infrastructure, such as the earth-coupled portion of a geothermal heating and cooling system. (Brian Clark Howard and I allude to this in our guide to geothermal HVAC.) After all, geothermal loops provide very real energy that is fundamentally no different than electricity, except that it is already in the form of BTUs, ready for use by the geothermal heat pump for cooling or heating needs. Most of us have become accustomed to using municipality-supplied city water, sewer, and other utilities. Some of us might say, Let someone else worry about whats underground, and Ill just pay the monthly fee. (See related quiz: What You Dont Know About Electricity .) A first-of-its kind survey , which was conducted last fall by the National Association of Home Builders research subsidiary, showed that a majority of people who own certified green homes considered energy efficiency important in their decision-making, and are happy with the homes energy performance after it is built. Within this group of green homebuyers, tax credits and other financial incentives played a relatively insignificant role in the decision to build a green home; but overwhelmingly, the respondents said they enjoyed lower utility bills, and either didnt spend more up-front on their home or got benefits that outweighed any additional cost. Geothermal heat pump and hot water heater (Photograph courtesy Jay Egg) For new construction, then, the decision on whether or not to go geothermal may be just that straightforward. For retrofits, it may take some diligence and creativity, but homeowners who want geothermal will be able to get it. Tell the geothermal industry what you think. Would you like to see geothermal utility services come to a neighborhood near you? Were listening. (See related quiz: What You Dont Know About Home Heating .) Jay Egg is a geothermal consultant, writer, and the owner of EggGeothermal . He has co-authored two textbooks on geothermal HVAC systems published by McGraw-Hill Professional . He can be reached at jayegg.geo@gmail.com .

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Arizona Hvac Specialist Announces New Cost-efficient Az Ac And Heat-pump Maintenance P

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The Business employs drug-free proficiency-scored professionals with extended information in all main models of HVAC tools, including: Amana air handlers & more Service cooling and heating coils & more Goodman gas furnaces & more Rheem air conditioners & more And Trane heat pumps & more. Acquiring an East Valley air conditioning maintenance approach through National Heating and Cooling ensures long-term reduced pricing for annual and/or semi-annual process upkeep. Assessed system maintenance decreases Arizona A/C, Horsepower and furnace repair costs. In addition, it assists people regulate the annual costs for maximum gear procedure. According to Electricity Gov, consistently managed HVAC equipment consumes 10% to 25% less energy than devices required to work under shoddy maintenance. Annual or semi-annual tune-ups market equipment longevity and power-efficient performance. Among other key points of assistance, the American Cooling and Heating Illinois AC and HP preservation approach examines residence devices for compliance with: local installation rules National by rating National and Proposed airflow and local electric requirements AND More. Substandard Heating and Cooling Equipment Preservation is Pricey Stories from the Environmental Protection Agency show a filthy air-filter may raise the price of program airflow by around $200 per 10,000. Moreover, a badly preserved process forces extra price due to clogged drain pans, shortened air tubes and cooling rings and dirty warming. Heating, Ventilation, and airconditioning (HVAC) systems are made to guarantee quality indoor air using a mix of regulated ventilation, sufficient filter and efficient thermal comfort. Successful A/ C and HP preservation assures conformity to these needs. Its a subject of convenience and operating expenses. With American Warming and Cooling, buyers might get 24/7 crisis HVAC repair companies throughout the state-of Illinois. But by applying the American Cooling and Heating Az Air-Con and Heat-Pump maintenance software, East Valley citizens also have the comfort of peak system efficiency. Now’s enough time to truly save about the disappointment of an overheated house along with the cost of unexpected service calls. Pick ACH For Reputable Gilbert, Az and Regional Air-Conditioning and Heat-Pump Maintenance To get going with an Arizona Air-Con and Heat-Pump maintenance plan, contact ACH today.

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Venezuelan Heating Oil A No-show In Us This Year

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Kennedy II that has distributed nearly a half billion dollars’ worth of Venezuela-donated home heating oil in the U.S. since 2005 has not yet received this winter’s shipment. In recent years, the first shipments from Venezuela would have arrived in late November or early December and have been delivered by now. A spokesman for the Kennedy’s Citizens Energy Corp., Brian O’Connor, said thousands of people had called inquiring about the oil. “We very much hope that the Venezuelans will come through as they did for so many years under President (Hugo) Chavez’s leadership,” Kennedy said in a statement Friday issued by the nonprofit. The former congressman and son of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy said, however, that “every indicator so far has been that they will help out.” Chavez died last March after a long battle with cancer. Venezuela, despite having the world’s largest proven oil reserves, has in recent years suffered steady production declines. A spokesman for Venezuela’s state-owned oil company PDVSA reached in Caracas had no comment, while a spokesman for the company’s U.S. subsidiary Citgo, Fernando Garay, did not immediately return a voicemail message. The Kennedy statement was issued in response to a query from The Republican newspaper of Springfield, Mass. Citizens Energy says it has distributed the home heating oil to some 200,000 low-income and elderly households annually in 25 states including the entire Northeast, Alaska and parts of the Midwest. The program was launched after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 damaged U.S. refining capacity and Chavez responded to an appeal from Kennedy to help out. In the first year, it provided eligible households 200 gallons of heating oil at a 40 percent discount, said O’Connor. Then it switched to 100 gallons of free oil. O’Connor said Kennedy, 61, was recovering from a broken pelvis suffered in a bike accident and was unavailable for comment. He would not say when or where Kennedy became injured.

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